Monday, June 18, 2012

Good News! My work to be published in Sessions Magazine!

I recently did a photoshoot with photographer Betania Sikora, Schimmy the wardrobe stylist & model Tracy from Agency Model Management. I've been really excited to share these photos with you guys & I was thinking about posting them Sunday morning when I woke up, when I got a text from her saying that Sessions Magazine decided to run our shoot as an editorial in their next issue! Shut up!

The makeup I used was mostly Sugarpill Cosmetics (surprise!) which lent itself so amazingly to the saturated, high contrast photos. Here's a role call of all the colors I used on the eyes:

[[of course, all from Sugarpill]]
Flamepoint (star of the show!)

I end up doing this a lot on photoshoots, where I start with minimal, simple makeup and as the looks evolve I slap on more and more makeup. Here, we started with a simple Flamepoint eyeliner with some mascara. I love the bright, urgent, alarming orange contrasting with the grey background and black wardrobe.

I'll share with you the editorial once they come out! Ta ta for now!


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