Wednesday, June 13, 2012

Party time in NYC! Le Bain at The Standard

When I moved across the country to New York, I made a little promise to myself. I said "Self, there will be NO MORE half-assery. This is your new lease on life. Dress like it." After all, if you're going to look crazy, there's no better place to do it than New York! I love and hate that you get rewarded on your ability to stand out out here. Opportunities open to you, and people give you special treatment when you look a certain way. It is much of a gift and a curse. 

Point being: Look awesome, get money. THE POINT IS ALWAYS TO GET MONEY. Fact! If you don't know, now you know. (Yes, that was a Notorious B.I.G. reference. Get with it, I'm East Coastin' now!) 

This was my first such chance to exercise my renewed quest to play dress-up as much as possible. 

Make up donned in the best Female Drag Queen fashion I could, I paired up with the fabulous Stella Rose Saint Claire and attended Le Bain at The Standard Hotel to a party hosted by Sharon Needles. Was it crazy? YES. Did I meet Sharon Needles? Yes. Was it awesome? HELL YES. 

Stella was trying out sequin eyebrows for a write-up she did for Beautylish and asked me to join. What? Sequins on my face? You don't gotta twist my arm for that one, I'll gladly glue on anything shiny and sparkly on most any part of my body! 

I also took my new Sugarpill Cosmetics false lashes for a test drive - aren't these amazing?! These are not yet released, but they're like the better, more flattering versions of MAC's Flight Lashes for Gareth Pugh. Coming soon!

Make-up role call!

Face: MUFE Powder Foundation // MUFE Full Cover Concealer // Too Faced Candelight Highlight // Urban Decay Toasted Bronzer // Sugarpill Cosmetics Flamepoint // MUFE HD  Powder

Eyes: Urban Decay Primer Potion // Sugarpill Cosmetics Afterparty, Flamepoint, Tako, Bulletproof // Bobbi Brown Gel Liner

Brows: Sugarpill Cosmetics Hysteric, Love+ // Shit ton of sequins!

Lips: Sugarpill Cosmetics Starling+Stella mixed with clear gloss

Outfit mirror picture!

Stella & I before we took off!

Whoa, hello swimming pool at the top floor of the Hotel!

It'll be better without the flash he said. This will be a great picture he said. Yeah, anyway.

And finally, a club photo of me being strangled by Sharon Needles! 

Fun! Alright, the boyfriend is asleep in bed, and I want to be there more than anywhere else in the whole world right now, so I'm going to have to cut this short. 

<3 Lots of love! 


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