Wednesday, February 20, 2013

BELATED 2012 Recap!

Hey-o! I'm back! After having been neglectful for almost a year (in true Te$$ Money form, naturally!) here I am, back at it again. I really want to try and get better at this "being consistent" thing - it is forever a foreign idea that seems so good but is so hard in practice for an ultra impatient spass like me. But I've got so many things coming my way (ie. emergence of my superhero league of beauty makers, projects for big time production companies, the never ending stream of knock-your-socks-off editorials, and collaborations with foxy darlings galore - like, what?!) that I really want to have this in place so that I can have a vessel in which to gibber gabber at my heart's content! So okay, attempt number six hundred and forty two at TE$$ MONEY BLOGS DOT COM, alright?! Lets do this! Huzzah!

It has been eight months. Eight months is a long time; in New York, it's like half a lifetime! There is no good way to share with you ALL of the inspiring, tear jerking, frustrating, beautiful and for a lack of a better word, crazy things that happened in 2012. So I'm gonna let a series of instagrabs from my instastash do the instatelling (wanna instafriend me? tessxmoney!) for me! Enjoy the mini recap and do something spectacular today!

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