Friday, December 3, 2010

Brand new!!

It's happened you guys! my bblloooooooggg is here! I rationalized my temporary distraction from my job hunt by saying to myself "it's okay dude, you've been doing something PRODUCTIVE! You are finally getting your blog in gear and reaching for the stars!"

So, here we are! Hello, fine citizens. I've actually had a bit of a discouraging delay that made me want to drive rampantly around my town blaring Yelawolf and rapping along with his songs emphasizing every profanity starting with an F at the top of my lungs... but I got through it without doing this community a total disservice. Oh, and speaking of Yelawolf:

Hold on, give me a minute to stare. Okay. So, anybody that has had any form of contact with me in the past two weeks will tell you that I am totally completely stupidly insanely annoyingly heart-achingly obsessed with this good fellow here from Gasden, Alabama. He. Is. So. Hot you guys. I have heard many disapproving judgmental sighs from my friends, to which I proudly say: I am not ashamed of having poor taste in men and music!!! His lyrics are pretty bad, I'm not gonna lie, but there's something really sexy about a guy that's that proud of his redneck ass background. Plus, what he lacks in lyrical content he makes up in his ability to flow. Okay, I feel really stupid saying flow, I'm not cool enough to say shit like that. But yup, he's the apple of my eye at the moment. Plus, his new album is sooooo good. My friend Jessica let me have a listen to it and I have been listening to it non-stop.

and to demonstrate how perfectly hot and off his rocker he is:

What you can look forward to in this blog is everything from the make-up that I do, style & design elements I've got a mental hard-on for at the moment, things that I'm really obsessed with (see example above) and what I've been doing with my awesome friends and life. Well actually, any of that is liable to change at any given time. But this is what I'm aiming for right now. As Wolf once quoted a friend in saying: "your inconsistency is your consistency". I'm stealing that, thanks Yelawolf's friend!

xxxxxxxxxx Tess

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