Tuesday, December 7, 2010

FOTD: Chillin!

I love supporting and promoting my friends. Especially if they're super talented and gorgeous friends eg. Cutie Dynamite aka Andrea! She had a booth at the Chillin' Productions Holiday Show in SF, so Amy and I suited up and went to be obnoxious booth girls! Just kidding, we weren't there to be booth girls. we just hovered next to the booth - but seeing as Amy was wearing exactly 2,802 Cutie Dynamite merchandise on her head, she was more or less the CD spokesperson anyway.

I was feeling very blue that day (har har) so here's what I looked like on said night.

And a bonus outfit shot for you! Because I like you.

What I Used:

Sugarpill -
Poison Plum

Make Up For Ever -
HD Foundation
Full Cover Concealer
Mist & Fix

Other -
Sonia Kashuk Gel Liner in Black
Too Faced Shadow Insurance
NARS Powder Blush in Super Orgasm
NARS Highlighting Blush
Kroylan HD Micro Silk Powder
Maybelline The Falsies Mascara (Not recommended)
Red Cherry #47 (two layered)

And what I'm wearing -

Hair Bow - Cutie Dynamite
Necklace - Cutie Dynamite
Top - Forever21
Shorts - Forever21
Tights - Target
Shoes - Bordello by Pleaser

Still trying to get a handle on blog formatting!! I made the pictures bigger (ugh, 400 max width blogspot? Really?!) and will be tweaking more as I go. If anyone has any suggestions on what they want to see etc., leave me a comment!

xxxxxxxx tess


  1. It was 2,803 Cutie Dynamite bows. Get it straight.

  2. hey Tess, I see your pics in Amy's blog, and your hair ALWAYS looks amazing! What's your secret to get the colors so perfect and also maintein your hair healthy????????? I love to change my hair color, now it's blue, but I always have problems to get new colors :(

    Btw I love your make up :D

  3. Love It! The colors of the makeup are beautiful and daring

  4. god you blend eyeshadow SO WELL. the colors look so amazing and flawless. You should do youtube tutorials :D GURLLlll

    also LACE LACE BEAUTIFUL LACE! That outfit is hawtttt!

  5. Sakuradesu - Thank you!!!! <3 To get my hair the way it is, I make sure to bleach my hair so that the blondes come out as evenly as possible, which may take more than one round of bleach. The rest is not hard, just pack on that dye and leave it in for more than 1 hr (the dyes I use aren't harmful to hair!) For maintenance I use protein reconstructing masks as well as moisturizing conditioners, and I always style with Frederic Fekkai glossing cream. Good luck!

    Musicianchick26 - :D Thanks!!

    Zambi - Hehe thanks cutie! I have to get on the youtube thing, for sure. I don't have a video camera though :[

  6. I see...my problem then is I don't bleach good enough to get the right color (I have very stron hair but I fear bleach, so I try to avoid it as much as possible, what do you think? Should I worry that much?). I use Special Effects but I've been told Jerome's punky color is better.
    Thanks 4 the advice:)

  7. I absolutely love your style, your hair colors, and the gorjwah eye make up. I wish I could hire you to give me a new look.