Friday, December 17, 2010

FotoFlashback 001

Photo dump time! Woo woo!

Ugh, I adore these shoes, but I feet want to commit suicide every time I wear them.

The ground. It looks neat when there's water on it.

Om nom nom.

I got a bunch of these awesome huge gems at a dollar store in Japan. Score!

Hanging out at the cemetary.

Look at this juicy fellow I met in Oakland. Isn't he handsome?

I am trying out to be a go-go dancer tomorrow, and I really want to know why it is still, in the year two thousand and ten going on two thousand and eleven, fashionable for dancers to wear monster fur leg warmers. Isn't that a bit late 90s? Why are these still the preferred legwear for hot sexy dancers to be wearing? What is it about the calves and ankles that need so much coverage and protection, and do men really look at legs clad in neon pink fur and think "Damn, her legs are SO HOT when they're furry!" I, for the record, do not own any and will not be wearing them to the audition. I'm just gonna wear highlighter yellow over the knee socks and hope they don't knock off points for having legwear that actually take the form of my legs.

Wish me luck!

xxxxxxxxxxxxx tess


  1. Funny thing is, furry leg warmers are in vogue for this season thanks to Chanel. XD

  2. Good luck my lover!
    i think gogo dancers wear whatever these days, sometimes nothing up top.

  3. Hello! I just found your blog and it's super cute! I had no idea you were a makeup artist~ and a good one at that! Thanks for showing off you're little wonderland! xo