Wednesday, December 15, 2010

'Fitted Up: 121510

Hello brosephs!

For it being a "style" blog, there isn't a whole lot of my style going on in here, is there? What I actually mean by style though, isn't just pertaining to my fashion style... every person's style is comprised of clothes, yes, but also hair, their taste in music, personality, whether they like bacon or not (don't argue with me on this, this is relevant) and so on. But a large part does have to do with fashion choices, so I'm gonna start posting more "'fits" in here. The lighting in my room makes everything look like God peed all over a see-through paper and told you to look through that, so it's been some what of a challenge to get good pictures in. But I shall try! For the love of the people. Yeah, right. We all know the only person I do this for is me, but you know, it makes people feel less vain when they say "oh, but people want to see what I wear", so I'm using that too.

I wore this to go celebrate a dear friend Jessica's belated birthday. Funny story, we had a friend with us who is WELL above legal age (I'm talking over 35 years old) and he couldn't get into a Dave and Busters. What! Yeah, so we ended up going to a dive bar, which was fine. It doesn't upset me that I wasn't able to buy overpriced drinks and play video games. You would think, but no. So happy belated, Jess! Hope you had a swell evening regardless of all the drama.

+Faux Leather Jacket - H&M
+Black Drape Vest - Macy's
+Grey Drape Front Tunic - Papaya
+Tights - Target
+Black Over the Knee Socks - Uniqlo
+Black Platforms - eBay
+Spike Necklace - Metro Park
+Black Chain + Cross Necklace - Tilly's
+Black Glitter & Rhinestone Bow Necklace - Paris Kids, Japan

I'm still struggling with CSS coding and trying to get my domain situated, which is proving to be more of a pain than I anticipated. But soon, good citizens! I shall have that going, and I can say goodbye to blogspot.


xxxxxxxxxx tess