Saturday, December 11, 2010

Make-Up Party chez Miss Kika!

Artwork of my friend MissKika!

Does her style look familiar? That's because she's responsible for the artwork that's on the Sugarpill packaging! We love her. :]

Let me tell you how much I enjoy putting make up on my friends. A whole lot. Yeah. This is because I have the cutest friends in the whole world. That, and they let me do whatever I want! Being a make-up artist isn't much fun for me and I mostly just do it for the $$$ cash monies. The exception is if I get to make over my friends or do fun make-up events such as the JapanLA x Sugarpill make-over party earlier this year.

Yeah, that was fun. (Picture stolen from Amy!)

So yesterday Liz, better known as the artist behind Miss Kika invited me over to her place for play time with make-up. Fun! Lucky for you, I have pictures to share.

Surprise surprise, Sugarpill in the house!

Everyone say hi to the before shot of Liz! Liz has the cutest apartment ever but they're packing up to leave for Korea, so there's boxes everywhere. I mean, they like to decorate their house with brown cardboard boxes because they're artists and it's artistic.

And after! I also used her new fancy ghd straightener to curl her hair. I sort of really want one now.

You so pretty, Liz!

Make-up shot. I use this color combo way too much. Way. Too. Much.

Haha, kept catching her mid sentence.

Her fancy ball chair! I'm going to steal it when they move and put it in my tiny room. Do you think i'll be able to sleep comfortably in this? I'm going to say yes.

What I Used:

Sugarpill -
Poison Plum

Other -
Too Faced Shadow Insurance
Mac Studio Fix Fluid
The Balm Time Balm Concealer
Unknown Japanese brand eyeliner
MAC Technakohl in Graphblack
NYX Eyeshadow in Dark Brown
NARS Blush in Orgasm
DIOR Lip Glow Color Reviver Balm
CoverGirl LashBlast Volume Mascara

And that's a wrap. Toodaloo folks!

xxxxxxxxxxxx tess


  1. ahh so pretty rainbow *3* Liz looks so good! not that she doesn't normally! But that eye make up is bitchin!! I love how the purple and teal blend into each other!

  2. haha thanks zambi!! she looked so delicious! too bad we did nothing but sit at home and watch movies haha :[

  3. I bought an iPod skin from her :) I haven't gotten it yet but I'm excited. I love everything that I've seen from her!

  4. Yeah, she's really talented! I'm super proud to be friends with her :]

  5. You girlies are so great! Love Miss Kika's Art! That chair is also awesome...where can i get one??

  6. I have no idea where you can get one Carrie, but I will ask her for you when I get a chance!